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Automotive Cybersecurity Auditing, Certification & Homologation


We have a unique methodology in the market to perform Cybersecurity Audits on Vehicles.

Holistic audits with a disruptive methodology.

We have a unique tool in the market to perform Cybersecurity Audits on Vehicles.

Holistic audits with a disruptive methodology & tool.

We Certify your vehicles in Automotive Cybersecurity. Nobody does it.

Automotive Cybersecurity by Design

We help your company to create Cars with Cybersecurity by Design.

SAE J3061, ISO 27000 and ISO 26262 Guidelines.

We are working, too, with the future ISO/SAE 21434 Automotive Cybersecurity

We have innovative  designs which can open your mind, your business and your markets, overtaking other competitors, who will be light years away from the designs we will help your company to carry out.

Automotive Cybersecurity Monitoring

We offer to your company, to your cars, to the infrastructures, Cybersecurity Continuous Monitoring, Predictive Automotive Cybersecurity.

If you do not continuously monitor the cybersecurity of your vehicles, they will be safe when they leave the factory, but from there they will be exposed to innumerable attacks, threats that could cause serious impacts on vehicles, people and the reputation of your company.

The continuous monitoring of the automotive cybersecurity of each vehicle, currently, is not only necessary: ​​it is essential.

Automotive Mobile Apps auditing, certification, homologation, design and monitoring.

This chapter of mobile applications is especially important given that, currently, the weakest link in the chain is, precisely, mobile vehicle control applications.

These applications, depending on the manufacturer, allow partial or total remote control of the vehicle.

These applications, at present, are extremely vulnerable and easy to hack.

Making a misuse of these applications can cause, from the armchair of your home, accidents in vehicles that put human lives at stake.

We know how to make them safe and secure so that this does not happen.

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