Why Do You Need Us

Do you trust in your car, in your vehicle?

Of course, from the point of view of Safety, all is Ok, but… What about Security, Cybersecurity?

Perhaps don’t you know your vehicle is in Risk?

Perhaps don’t you know your car can be controlled remotely by hackers?

Perhaps don’t you know third parties can access your confidential information through your car?

Perhaps don’t you know your OTA,  software Over The Air updates of your car, can be intercepted, hijacked, and hackers can insert malicious software into your vehicle?

Perhaps don’t you know you can be killed by an attacked and malfunctioning car? This has already happened on a few occasions to date! And if your vehicles are not Cybersecure, this will happen many more times. Do you want to be the car brand who kills people? Not, for sure, of course…

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…


If you want terminate with “Perhaps” and save your car and your life, You Do Need Us.

Nobody makes what we make. Nobody is nobody.

Try to find another company who makes the same as us… Try it, please…

Nobody can make your vehicles Secure, Cybersecure in a totally way except us.

Nobody, seek for it, please, we encourage you…



Deep Mirror Automotive Cybersecurity. We Make Your Cars Cybersecure. For Sure.