The need of Automotive Cybersecurity

The need of Automotive Cybersecurity

There is a lot of things to do for Automotive Cybersecurity.

Mainly, because it is in a very early stage.

The vehicles connected to Internet are growing exponentially, and so, the risks are growing exponentially.

At this moment the ISO/SAE 21434, Automotive Cybersecurity is under development.

And European Union is creating the future regulation about Autonomous Vehicles. One oh the domains of this regulation is Automotive Cybersecurity. This regulation will be used for vehicles homologation. It means that, in a near future, vehicles not homologated in cybersecurity, won’t be allowed for circulation on streets.

This is the moment to start to work on Automotive Cybersecurity.

We, Deep Mirror, has a lot of job done in this field, and we are designing new technologies for Automotive Cybersecurity.

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