Ten Days Course on Automotive Cybersecurity by Design


In a totally digitized world only the JedSiths have the Power.

Do you want to have the Power?

Take this course



Having been dominated by the dark side of Disruption, you must learn the arts of the light side.

In these 80 hours, we will train you, in Deep, in the light side of the Disruption.

You will know all the secrets to fight the Car Siths and you will become a true Car Jedi.

In reality, at the end of this course what you will be is a Car JedSith Master, the most appreciated of the Galaxy.

The Car JedSiths dominate, at the same time, the dark side and the luminous side of the Disruption.

Do you want to be a Car JedSith?

Surely yes.

Come to this course.

For Sure.



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